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Corporate Training
Training packages can be tailored to meet a client’s specific requirements and dependant on content, carried out at our residential training school in Kent, at one of our outdoor venues either in UK or Sweden, or on client’s premises, where appropriate.
  1. Team Building
  2. Personal Protection Planning
  3. Boardroom Security Briefing (current world events)
  4. Lone Working – Personal Safety and Security
  5. Intelligent Security Seminars: 
    The Changing Face of Terrorism
    The Safe Traveller 
    Conflict Zone Worker – World Media 
    Kidnap Awareness
Our sister company Euro Training (UK) Ltd provides complementary training and consultancy services around the world to the Airline Sector, Custodial Services, Manufacturing and Service Industries. 

Training Courses are available in the following: 

Electrical & Electronics 
Engineering / Mechanical 
Gas / Plumbing 
Health & Safety 
Management & Supervisory 
Materials Handling 
Quality Service 
Trainer Training 
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