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Recent Achievements


As a direct request made by the United Nations Special Operations Group (CPU), Patriot Group provided the first ever British civilian instructors to train this elite unit in specialist subjects to include Counter Action Team (CAT) training and selection. 

PATRIOT and POLARM work together on major new contracts to provide a wider portfolio and skills base.
Assisting the Military and Police on a major exercise involving force protection and close protection, Patriot provide specialist instructors.     

One of the world’s largest travel agencies, managing corporate travel requirements for hundreds of corporations across the globe announces their company’s new partnership with British-based Patriot group.

The Professional Close Protection Officer Advanced Diploma BTEC Award, designed and run by Patriot, still provides the highest recognised qualification in close protection training available in the UK today. Certification is awarded on successful completion of this 26 day residential course.

The formation of an international registry of suitably qualified and traceable specialist protection officers is set up by Patriot Group.

Patriot Group and its sister company Euro Training design and provide specialist access courses for sectors of the rail network in UK.

Patriot Rope Access Teams are brought in for working at heights contract, from operator level to management of working at heights.  

Assisting with specialised areas of homeland counter terrorism, Patriot provided specialist instructors to assist Police with the London bombings, individuals received Police commendations.

The BTEC Advanced Certificate in Passenger and Crew Protection - Aviation, to include specific Air Marshal training modules, was designed and approved by EDEXCEL, providing a recognised qualification to selected international bodies. 

Following security breaches at the manufacturing site of a national food manufacturer, Patriot win a contract to supply in-company security consultancy and subsequent training packages. 

A crisis briefing was provided for a senior manager of an international corporation travelling to the Eastern block for the first time. Both briefing and business meeting were successful.

A dramatic hostage snatch was witnessed by over 100 of the UKs corporate travel buyers at a London conference, as part of a new Travel Safe awareness programme, designed by Patriot Group.


Patriot became the first non Swedish company to provide specialist firearms and skills training for Swedish close protection officers. This package included the Volvo driving academy. Delegates came from some of the largest security companies in Scandinavia. Repeat courses are planned.   

Christie McMahon provided the keynote speech at a conference for corporate business and  security professionals. A televised hostage taking scenario provided delegates with an insight into the world of kidnapping and extorsion.  

Patriot worked alongside a Swedish authorised security company to design and deliver the first course to encompass both the Swedish legal requirements to re-qualify annually as a close protection officer and an introduction to the BTEC advanced diploma in professional close protection.  


After winning a major security contract in UK, Patriot‘s senior counter terrorist instructor flew to USA to deliver a series of Intelligent Security seminars and boardroom security briefings, followed by the key note speech at the company’s international headquarters and annual conference.  


As a direct request made by the United Nations Special Operations Group (CPU), Patriot Group provides the first ever British civilian instructors to train this elite unit in specialist subjects to include Counter Action Team (CAT) training & selection.

Working with the Multi National Brigade, Patriot instructors trained and protected Albanian and Serbian families living in Kosovo Polje and Pristina. They were also responsible for the protection of convoys escorting Serbian personnel back to Serbia.


Working out of its Middle East Headquarters Patriot Group is able to offer specialist protection services and full bespoke security solutions for its clients.


Consultancy services were provided to clients within the Jordanian educational regeneration programme.


Endorsed by the FCO, Patriot’s specialist instructors conducted the first Air Marshall training package for a specially selected  unit of police in Singapore.

Patriot Group is an approved BTEC EDEXCEL centre.

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